Maslow Entertainment is an integrated film distribution and production development company that operates across the following areas.

Film Distribution with a Difference

We provide distribution in both Australia and New Zealand across theatrical, home entertainment and TV networks, with the experience and capabilities to manage various scopes of release and genres.

Through our innovative marketing and distribution approach and outstanding trade relationships, we aim to deliver first-rate execution for our partners at attractive deal terms.

Production Development: ‘From Discovery to Distribution’

Our aim is to become the preferred business partner for local filmmakers. Through early collaboration, together we can identify and develop projects with the strongest commercial potential and the best pathway to screens.

This integrated ‘discovery to distribution’ approach is designed to encourage the production of more films that can attract and entertain large audiences.

Commercial Film Advisory

With years of experience and our extensive professional network, we can provide investors, screen agencies, producers and screenwriters with commercial insight and advice from a marketplace perspective.

For the creative community specifically, we offer pitch and script feedback, financial analysis and guidance on positioning and optimal marketing strategies for their movies.