Sir Alex Ferguson Never Give In

Released July 2021
Jason Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson, Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs, Gordon Strachan

The critically acclaimed definitive portrait of the greatest football manager in history


A deeply revealing documentary about Sir Alex Ferguson. While recovering from a brain haemorrhage, Ferguson recounts details of his life and career to his son, including his legendary 26-year tenure as manager of Manchester United. This isa moving story about the bond between father and son, an exploration of leadership and mental toughness, and a celebration of one of football’s greatest careers.

-Set The Tape

-The Sunday Times UK

“Rousing… heartfelt… gripping”

-The Guardian Online UK

“The definitive documentary about Britain’s best ever manager”

–The Hollywood News

“What a great, insightful, fascinating watch. You don’t have to be a Manchester United fan to enjoy this. Nor a football fan or a sports fan. It’s for anyone”

-On Magazine

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